I pledge 60e for mp3tag to respect repeated tracks in a loaded playlist

Eight years ago I posted this request (and the topic was mysteriously locked before any replies.)

Playlist fix

FAOD, I want every entry in a loaded M3U to be included in the track list even where some are references to the same track e.g. http://i.imgur.com/YYJoU0O.png

I hereby pledge 60e for this. Please anyone else who wants this, add your pledge here.

Or you could create copies/several of these gap tracks with unique filenames and you have solved problem.
Or you could simply copy and paste the gap tracks references into the plain text playlist files.
(As you have lived for 8 years with it, it does not seem a pressing problem)

Since you evidently have no interest in this improvement, please stay out of this thread.

I would say that the suggestions to make copies / to create unique files is still a valid suggestion - the disadvantage with this would be that the work (of copying / adapting the workflow) would have to be done locally and it is not done by others.
Also, I do not see why only supporting contributions should be allowed.

I agree that the current behaviour is not free of suprises. But it can easily be circumvented.