I ripped a CD with EAC, MP3Tag can't write covers to the tags

When I try to use MP3Tag to add album covers from Discogs to FLACs ripped with EAC, I get a message that tells me the file containing the FLAC cannot be opened for writing. I cannot add the album art.

What gives?

besides all the issues with simultaneous access and stuff, you could also check if the file has really flac tags or whether an ID3Vx tag (also) got written.
Flac files should only contain flac tags (vorbis comments).

If you have ID3 tags, then cut the tag until you see only flac tags, then paste the tag data with contents.

This solution fixed my issue, also... I had 1 CD (originally ripped with EAC 1.02b Accurate, encoded with FLAC 1.2.1, then tagged with MP3Tag's Filename -> Tag command, and scanned cover image added via MP3Tag's extended tags) whose FLAC tags would not show up in the standard Details view in File Explorer (nee Windows Explorer), nor would File Explorer open any of their fields in Properties->Details (though the tags DID show up there, they did not display in Explorer's right-hand pane of the main window).

Using Tag Cut in MP3Tag's context menu, followed by Tag Paste got rid of the type FLAC (FLAC ID3v2) and made the type just FLAC (FLAC) in MP3Tag's display. Now all the tag's are visible (and editable) in File Explorer, too.

It was just a single CD with 9 tracks, so I did them one-at-a-time, no problem.

Thanks for the help.