I want to write ISO-8859-1 in system codepage


 I'm a Chinese student, who likes listening to Chinese music by means of my portable MP3 player. But that player doesn't support unicode ID3v2 tags, and when I write tags using ISO-8859-1, all Chinese characters inputted became question marks at last. I'm at a loss. :frowning: 

 Can this problem be solved? Anyway, thanks for any info or answer.

Did you look at the Convert codepage action?

The convert codepage action isn't related to that problem.

Support for ID3v2 tags marked as ISO-8859-1 but written in system codepage is simply not part of the ID3v2 standard and every application which does or relies on that is considered as buggy here.

Anyway, ID3v1 tags are written in the system codepage, so you can try these.