I wish I could always $get() a variable

I'd like to convert a series of TITLEs like this:

1a Chapter One
1d Chapter Two

to TITLEs something like this:

Chapter One a
Chapter One b
Chapter One c
Chapter Two a
Chapter Two b

It's easy to do if I can remember what the previous title was, and pretty near impossible if I can't. I'd hoped that $put/$get wasn't really restricted to Export, but sadly it is. Can $put/$get, or an equivalent, be available everywhere?

Hi I'm new to this wonderful mp3tag app and this forum.
This is the best tagging software I've used though I only use it for less than a week.

It is so powerful and easy to use that I can almost doing everything with it automatically. Especially by regular expression!

However, I'll like to see if some one can help on the same question below.
(I join this forum just for the same question.)

Thank you!