I would to add the artist title from the track name to the artist category but not the title of the song

Currently I am using this action to add artists labels to songs that currently don't have them:
Action = Guess Value
Field = Artist
Format string = %title% - %artist%
Unfortunately this renames the whole artist tab to include the song title as well making the whole process kind of pointless. I'd like to use the artist name from the title but not use the song title is there anyway to do this?
e.g Current situation: title: bob marley - three little birds artist: bob marley - three little birds. While ideally I'd like it to look like this titlr: bob marley - three little birds artist: bob marley
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

You can still use the "Guess value" action for %artist%
Pattern: %artist% - %dummy%
This extracts the first part of that what is currently saved in ARTIST and saves it back to artist (and like that removes the part behind the hyphen).
Is this what you were looking for?


yup that's perfect thank you.