Icon and text in toolbar and explicit saving of tags

Hi there. Long time user of MP3Tag for Windows and so happy there is a Mac version now! Thank you! The following would be feature requests that I immediately noticed/missed from my other Mac tagging program I was using before MP3Tag for Mac was released. Thanks.

  1. Ability to choose Icon & Text for the toolbar. I find it difficult until I'm using a new program to know exactly what function the tiny icon pictures are for.

  2. Ability to not immediately write the tag info when you change track you're working on. It would be great to have the options to do your edits then write the tags by clicking a button at the end of your session if you choose to do that.


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Hi and welcome!

First of all, many thanks for your feedback and your support!

Thanks also for the suggestions — here are some quick comments:

  1. Unfortunately, the Icon & Text option for the toolbar is incompatible with the window style on macOS where the window has no title. For the moment, I like the simple layout too much to change this.

  2. I already have this on my list. So far I prefer the automatic saving, but I can see that it can be useful to postpone or cancel it. However, I'll most likely not implement some kind of batch mode where Mp3tag would collect changes and edits across multiple files and save them on button click.

Happy you like the new version :slight_smile:

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Awesome news. Thank you!

Point 2.) would get a lot of love here too :wink:

Can you elaborate a little on the use case and why you'd prefer this over the current behavior? Just so that I get a better understanding on why this is interesting for you :slight_smile:

The main use case is doing some sort of mass tagging. My music sits on a network drive - and each change I do in the grid triggers a write-action over the network, which takes a second. Thats ok for a few changes. But if you do it for many, it drags productivity in the cellar because I can only move to the next item when the first has been saved.

It would really be helpful to type / change all the stuff that needs changing for a 100 or more items, then press save, and it writes all those changes at once.

May be a setting called "Batch Mode"?

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Okay, this is going in this direction :smiley:

I'll think about it, thanks for the feedback!

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