ID Tags

I have used MP3TAG for a number of years and only experienced a few problems with it throughout those years. However I recently has to reinstall Windows 10 due to OS problems and in doing so I had to reinstall the client and I can no longer edit my ID Tags on any on my musical files. Please advise.

My condolences. Windows 10 is an OS problem. Efforts by Microsoft to push it on people are increasing seen as malware. It is not ready for prime time and lacks necessary drivers and compatibility.

If you move to W10 and re-import the audio files from an existing installation, it is most likely that the ownership and access permissions are up the spout.
You have to become owner of the files again.
See e.g. this thread :
Or this Microsoft thread:

Am sorry to have trouble anyone and have corrected the problem by correcting the property settings to giving me full control.

Thank You !