ID3 & APETag data not read on files with APE

I copy an mp3 with only IDE data.
MP3TAG shows IDE data for both files
I run MP3Gain on the copy adding APE data
MP3TAG doesn't show any data for the copy in the tag fields left or right sides.
The original still shows IDE data.
I used a disk editor and can see the IDE and APE data in both files so know it is not deleted.

I belive I messed up a setting:
Read, ID3v1, ID3v2, APE
Write, ID3v1, ID3v2
Remove, none selected

Options/Ape, Mpc ...
Read. ID3v1, APE
Write. ID3v1
Remove, none selected

Any suggestions?

Thank You

In MP3tag APE has priority (in the display) over ID3 tags.
So if there are any APE tags, then only these are shown.
If the APE tags contain nothing but replay gain data, then you see only this (check the extended tags dialogue - press Alt-T).
So if the tags are out of sync then you get the impression that data is missing.

It would be best to save replay gain not in APE tags but in ID3V2 tags.
To see that the data is still there, switch off reading APE tags.

Thank you, Now I understand. I may need to find a different mp3 tag edior.
I found different replay gain data in the IDE and APE sections for one file. I must have run two different replay gain tools on the same file. I appreiate the help.

I would have thought that a different replay gain tool would have been the way out.
E.g. foobar2000 writes replay gain data to the much wider spread ID3V2 tags.
But if you insist on storing replay gain data in APE tags, then I would go for a replay gain tool that copies the ID3 data to the APE tags.

Appologies. My dull brain crossed Mp3gain and Mp3tag. I was thinking I need an different tool for a replay gain issue I discovered. I have recommended Mp3tag to my friends for longer than I can remember.

I had just discovered that I have 1000's of files with replay gain data in both the IDE and APE tags and not the same values. And due to my ignorance over the last 20 years of how replay gain worked.

Just a little side note:
You have ID3 (not IDE) tags in your music tracks :wink:

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