ID3 Orgs Info on Genres Confusing Me

I am struggling to get my 20,000 song collection under control in a way that the Harman Kardon in my car will actually be able to handle it.

It would be fairly easy if there was Multiple Genre support, but the information on how to do that is all over the place.

I decided to go to the source so I started reading about ID3v2.3 on One strange thing I read made it sound like multiple genres were supported by putting them in () one after the other. So, according to my understanding (17)(79) should give the Genres "Rock" & "Hard Rock". This doesn't work in MP3TAG nor in the Properties/Details of an MP3 file in Windows 10. In MP3TAG it will use the first one but seems to throw out the rest. Can someone explain what they are actually specifying with these statements?:

"References to the ID3v1 genres can be made by, as first byte, enter "(" followed by a number from the genres list (appendix A) and ended with a ")" character. This is optionally followed by a refinement, e.g. "(21)" or "(4)Eurodisco". Several references can be made in the same frame, e.g. "(51)(39)"."

You have to decide whether you want multiple Genre information or whether you want multiple genre-tags.
It all depends on your player. So you first have try or look for information in which way your player is able to show the content of genre-tags and if he can handle multi-value genre-tags. You also have to know whether your player depends on the original ID3V1-genres or if he can handle mor and also self-defined genres.

In MP3Tag you create a multi-value-tag with writing a delimiter "\\".
So you could write "Rock\\Hardrock" in the genre-mask and save.
If you then open the extended tag-view of MP3Tag (ALT-t) you will see that there are 2 genre tags present.

To get 2 genre fields one with "rock" and the other one with "Hard rock", use "\\" as separator (in MP3tag):
Rock\\Hard Rock
This creates 2 genre fields. You can check this in the extended tags dialogue (alt-T).
Even though it is possible it does not mean that your player will support it. Perhaps your player wants a separator like "; "

I actually have several that I created with the "\\" separator while experimenting. I didn't realize I could show the Extended tags with Alt-t, but it does show both Genre tags as it should for those songs. I was right clicking on the songs and showing the Properties. I didn't even see the Extended Tags option. I guess the player doesn't handle multiple Genre tags.

I have also tried with ';' separator but it just considers the ';' to be part of the Genre name. Are there other separators that I should try?

Perhaps a single slash: /
But to be quite honest: most players cannot cope with multi-value fields.

Thanks for the ideas!

My previous player would at least let me search based on Composer, so I used that field as a second Genre. For some reason they have removed that as an Option in this model.

One of the big reasons I'd like to have multi-genres or at least multiple ways to select groups of songs is that I like to tag songs as "New" so that I can pull up all of my newer ripped songs. ... but I also want those songs to play with their appropriate Genres.

It's surprising that there hasn't at least become a defacto standard for Multiple Genres after all this time. There are tons of posts out there from people that want that feature.

Is there maybe a different format from MP3 or a different Tagging format that I could use to get around this?

And you cannot just place those new ones in a folder named NEW and those old ones in OLD- and seek / see music from either OLD or NEW or from both at the same time? If that players displays path, then this would be a simple workaround to this problem

A second workaround would be to put any kind of distinctive marker [like e.g. @@@@ or #N#] either in the very beginning or end of any field that you can search with that player. And after some time just remove those markers with a simple action in Mp3tag

Hey Zerow! I actually do separate the New into it's own folder but right now I create the folders based on Genre, so the Genre is actually New. I will probably have to just organize the folders based on a different criteria so that the Genre is accurate.

I think I will have to do that anyway because I have to come up with a different folder organization to solve my bigger problem. That problem is that this new Harman Kardon system has put a limit on the number of songs that it will load from a single USB to 16,000. I have to structure it so that even though songs may be from the same Genre, they are in folders such that I can omit 4k+ of songs that have less priority. I am frustrated that I have to tweak my entire collection for one Device. I had created my original Tags so that they would work with the original system.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think that it is the approach that I will use and I can use other tags to structure on the folders in a useful way.

And that player cannot read playlists?

That would be the simplest workaround: put accordingly named playlists in the very first folder