ID3 Tag download issue...


When I try to update the ID3 tag on my files, it gets all the information correctly but it always selects track 1 for the song ID tag "title." So, if I have 3 songs by T.I., it will always name them from the first track listed "King Back". It is doing this for all the files. I select the song from the dialog box, but it still does it. It get's annoying as hell because then when I try to rename my file from Tag-Filename, it can't do it because one version is already there. Any clues why this is happening? I had the beta version of 2.37i, but then I got 2.37a and it's still doing it. Any thoughts?


Not sure if I got you right, but if your problem is that the websource lookup always delivers the information for the first track although you have the fifth or whatever, you simply have to drag that track to the top of the list using drag-and-drop (in the results window).


Cool..thanks man, that works...I guess it doesn't know which track I'm trying to get. Makes sense...I thought selecting the song and clicking next (or whatever) would do the job, but I guess you have to drag it to the top.