Id3 Tag error


Hello. I purchased a very nice MP3 player Sandisk a few weeks back and noticed that the Genre field were unreliable. Looking at the construct of ID3V1 the Tags in offending files were correct numeric format, and last item on the file, but the Genre was displayed as for example 'r' instead of rock or whatever. However, after re-writing the tag info, this problem could be resolved, unfortunately, I am not sure what I did to resolve!
Am wondering if a general tool in options which would check that the ID3V1 and 2 tags were written to specification would be advantageous. The same tag info was readible on other devices, except the Sandisk, and the only item corrupted was Genre. Quite odd, but the same applied with WMA files, which have a totally different way of writing the Genre.
I'd be interested if any others have experienced the same problem? If not, it may be a faulty player, but since it works on most files, tends to indicate a tag anomaly.
Have searched for, but not found any programs which check and repair Tag info in both MP3 and WMA.
Any comments appreciated.


Hi Alistair,

you can send me one of the files for analyzing. I'll see if there is any special about the genre field was written to the file.

Best regards,
~ Florian


I've received your file and had a look at it. The first thing I've noticed is, that the ID3v1 tag is empty. The second thing is, that the ID3v2 tag is stored as Unicode - so Rock is stored as 52 00 6F 00 63 00 6B (R o c k)

That's probably why your device displays 'r' only. Please have a look at this help topic for a possible solution :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian


OK, you are absolutely correct, re-writing the tags in ISO-8859 fixed the problem, but how to apply that to WMA files? (it seems the tag write there remains in old Unicode format). Do you have to do this with action convert codepage? If so, its not quite clear how thats done to all tag fields.


Hi Alistair,

glad that solved your problem :slight_smile:

I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do regarding WMA. WMA tags are always stored as Unicode (see WMT_TYPE_STRING at MSDN). Storing WMA tags as ISO-8859-1 would break the standard and that's definitely not my intention.

Can you please remove the WMA tags with the latest version 2.34a of Mp3tag and write them back again. If the problem still exists, I'd consider contacting Sandisk to fix their players.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Hi Florian.
Appreciate your information on WMA/unicode. I tried to find the tag format specification for WMA yesterday, but could not. So its apparent that Sandisk E140 player is faulty and can display modified MP3 tag, but will never display WMA tag correctly.
I have been trying to convince Sandisk about faulty firmware, and they kept insisting I replace the player. Eventually I did, but as expected, it still performs exactly the same. Sandisk seem to have no interest in this issue, which is ridiculous, as Genre is a most excellent way of selecting a range of tracks you may be in the mood to listen to.
Kind regards,

PS MP3tag; instead of having to click the toolbar to browse for another directory, why not have a mini-browser in the left lower pane below the Folder history dropdown (also increase the number of history items in Options).


This is already on my internal wishlist :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian