ID3 tags in WAV files / Tags BPM, label, remixer - any support?


I've just searched for an id3 tagging tool with regex support - and just found it - but what I miss is the support of WAV files.

Tag & Rename & Serato Scratch Live supports it (and as far as I know other dj playing software - and also iTunes (said the programmer from Serato)).

My problem:

  • Tag & Rename has many bugs & no regex support.

As dj I'm also missing the tags BPM, Label, Remixer ...

Maybe also id3v2.4 with utf16 (le & be) (just seen it only with utf8)

Any chance this will be supported soon?

e.g. my filenames are:

Chic_Good Times_(Extended Remix by Jolley, Harris, Jolley)[Cotillion, WEA]VINYL.wav
Donna Summer_Spring Affair
(Original by Giorgio Moroder)

So I want to import the tags via regex and fill the correct fields.


filename =~ (.+?)(.+?)((.+?))_[(.+?)]

artist = $1
title = $2
remixedby = $3
label = $4

And if any links are needed how id3 tags are stored in wav files - please contact me. it's very easy (and thanks god that it is stored at the end of the file to save disk overhead).

... and regarding to the last sentence .. id3v2.4 allows storing the tags at the end of the file of an mp3 - maybe this could be supported too ...



just found out how to use the missing tags. :wink:

Love the tool - very good & fast.

But please please please - add a support for WAV files. 90 % of my collection are WAV's.

Thanks a lot

As far as I know, there is no standard for tagging WAV files. Any reason you are not using WavPack, FLAC or another lossless encoder?

There is a de-facto standard for ID3 in WAV files.

iTunes is using that (as far as I know) - also a lot of dj software (e.g. Rane Serato Scratch Live) and also the tagging software Tag & Rename (

You can e.g. download Serato from their forum (registering required). You can start the software and edit the files or install Tag & Rename (30 days free).

Windows WAV and AVI files are RIFF format files. You can find additional blocks like e.g. "exif" or "fmt". The block "fmt " e.g. describes artist, title, etc. Also an ID3v2 stream could be (and is) embedded in the file (with or without the "fmt" block - you could compare "fmt " like ID3v1 and delete or update it when writing ID3v2).

The important thing is that if a software can not handle a block - it must save it internally and write it back when the file will be saved. Other programs might use some additional blocks.

Here is my first special info: Wavelab 5 can not handle other blocks - only WAV blocks and returns with an error "This is not a WAV file!". Wavelab 6 (6.02 or later?) is able to handle these things correctly. So when you want to open the files with Wavelab 5 - you have to remove the ID3v2 tags at first.

Here are some links:

I hope this helps - but I'm sure you can find a lot more on the net.

Here is a hexdump of a .wav file (at the end) which shows the id3 tags:

I think MP3tag should be best - so ID3v2 support in WAV files should be supported. :slight_smile: