ID3 Tags not shown in Windows Media Player


First of all: Florian, thank you very much for this nice and useful program.

I have the following problem:
I have re-mastered my tagged original MP3-/WMA-files with Magix Music Cleaning Lab. After having done that all ID3 Tags are lost.
With MP3tag it was easy to copy all ID3 Tags from the original files to the re-mastered files and these Tags are then shown correctly in MP3tag and in the MP3-/WMA-file properties. But when playing them in Windows Media Player (newest version) these copied Tags are not shown although the Tags of the original files are shown there correctly.
Any idea?




Anybody no idea ???

Have you compared the ID3 version of the two sets?


Thanks for your reply.
No, I did not yet. Where exactly do I find this information?


In Options > Tags > Mpeg there must be ID3v2.3 utf-16 or ISO-8859-1 selected. WMP will not read ID3v2.4 versions. You can use Alt+t on a file to check the ID3 tag version. This does not affect WMA files though.
Also Options > Tags [ ] Preserve timestamps of modified files should not be selected.


Thanks much for this good explanation!