ID3 Tags of some files are being read by Sony's Music App and Google Play but others are not

It happens that I edit the tags of all my mp3 files, cover, and all the infortmation. However, when I pass them over to my Xperia L1 some of the files are all ok and some the apps just don't detect any of the tags: artist, name of the song, album, nothing... I edit these files with Mp3tag so they're all tagged witht the same settings apparently, consulting Mp3tag for trying to come up with solutions, the "good" and "bad" files seem similar. I don't understand why this happens. Mp3tag says they're using ID3v2.3, even though I don't really know what that means... Truth is, both files that work and not work say that so it may not be that the problem. Hope any of you is able to help me, thank you in advance.

You could check the files with mp3val and/or mp3diags (a web search will show you sources) so that you see whether they are ok.

I've been trying to use those for a while in search of something but so far nothing. I'll run a few tests and gather some images so i can post them here so we can figure out what's wrong. Thank you Also, should I be using these settings in Mp3tag?

So I used 4 files to do all the testing: 1 good file that when transfered to the android device shows all the tags as it should. A bad file that when in the android device doesn't show the tags and 2 bad files that one was not changed in any way, making it just like the bad file while the other one was changed inside Sony's Music App to give it the appropriate tags and transfering it back to the pc for comparison. I'm not really sure what any of the numbers mean but if you could help me that would be super <3

For me the results look o.k.
What I noticed:
The file that is o.k. in your Android has the smallest cover-size.
Maybe your APP has a very limited ability with the tag-size.

Just try this:
Make a copy of your bad files, delete the cover with MP3Tag and try them on your Android.

To my knowledge there are devices that have problems to show covers with a high resolution. But I never heard that in this case they don't show tags at all, they just don't show the cover.
But in this world any silly "feature" is possible.

OMH that's it!! they now show with all the corresponding tags!! Thank you so much! Now, I guess i should find a way to make all my covers fit that size threshold. I'm having all my covers at 1280x1280 cause that's the height resolution of my phone so when the its filling the screen I don't get any loss in image quality. But as you see, some are like 700kb and others go beyond the 1mb/2mb. Is there any way to have all my images 1280x1280 around those 700kb and with a good quality just like the good file has? Also, thank you so much for helping me figure it out! kudos for you

Actually I just found out the "save for web" option in Photoshop allows me to turn that 1mb image to around 200kbs without any apparent loss. I'll try those up and if anything goes down again, I'll let you know here but thank you so much! I was going crazy over this and I just want all my music well organized. Hope you have a great day!