ID3 v1&2 suggestion


I'm unhappy whed don't know which tag version is used in the MP3 file. What about using different colors for tag versions in the main tab? For example Black for v1&2, blue for v1 only, brown for v2 only and red for mismatch between v1 and v2.

And also improving of the tab File Properties (I don't know exact name cause I use Czech language) to show v1 and v2 separately would be good for me. FYI: I have upgraded to MP3tag from unsupported File Sorting Utility 1.25 which shows both ID3tag versions separately.

But MP3Tag is great piece of software and after I tried it I stopped looking for other tagger softwares.


Sorry, but displaying different tag versions seperately is not planned.

To be sure what tag types are stored in the file and which tag type is displayed, just add a new column to Mp3tag's file view via View > Columns... and use $if(%_tag%,%_tag_read% (%_tag%),n/a) as value.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Okay Florian, I'll try your suggestion. Many thanks for your great software once again.