ID3Tag read problem

Can anybody explain what is happening here?
This is the first time I had a problem like this.
This file (see link below) has an ID3v2 tag, but in Mp3tag and foobar it only shows the ID3v1 tag, but in Windows Explorer and iTunes it shows the ID3v2 tag...
Can anybody explain why?

Regards, Paz

It gives an !BAD ID3v2.

Mp3 Validator gave the following errors

Analyzing file "01 Twister -Original ver-.mp3"...
WARNING: "01 Twister -Original ver-.mp3" (offset 0x89075): MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully
WARNING: "01 Twister -Original ver-.mp3": Wrong number of MPEG data bytes specified in Xing header (4689683 instead of 4684863)
INFO: "01 Twister -Original ver-.mp3": 5074 MPEG frames (MPEG 1 Layer III), +ID3v1+ID3v2, Xing header

The repair removed the ID3v2 tag.

The validator you can download here:

What you could do is:

  • Copy the tags from iTunes to for example Notepad (Don't forget the CoverArt)
  • Run the Mp3validator (remove the Id3v2 tag)
  • With Mp3tag, copy the tags back and write the ID3v2 tag.

Edit 20/09 16:22 Forgot to attach picture with Error !BAD ID3v2.

How To Fix The Tag:

In foobar you can open the console window, then you see a message
"ID3v2 parsing failed: Invalid frame name"

That's why the tag is not shown, because it has some error.
You can fix the tag with this program

If you open the file in this program, you can see that it even has two v2.3 tags. But that's not the real problem.
So select the first v2.3 Tag and click on Frames
When you scroll down you see a frame called "LEN"
That's the problem because it only has 3 letters and that's not right in ID3v2.3
So delete this frame and hit Apply

Now Mp3tag can read the v2.3 tag but Mp3 Validator still gives an error.
I would save the tag in the clipboard with Mp3tag (Right Click on file > Copy tag), then fix it with the Validator program and copy it back in Mp3tag (Paste tag)

Thank you both very much!