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Have been using MP3TAG for a long time and have donated. I will again if this can be resolved. I have a large MP3 collection; 40K. I spent a lot of time using MP3TAG and DBPOWERAMP ripping CDs from scratch. I don't download. Recently I started noticing that my icons were no longer showing album art and were instead showing the generic iTunes icon in Windows Explorer icon views. If I check the file using the IDTag shell modification that DBPOWERAMP provides I can view the album art, iTunes serial ID, and other metadata. If I open the file in MP3TAG it does not show the album art and displays the ID3v1 !BAD ID3v2 tag for Tag field. What happened??? I have not been able to figure out what % of my files are having this problem but it appears to be ~50%.

I have been burned in the past by Windows Media player down sampling my album art. This is so frustrating. I try for hi-res art and perhaps that is the problem? The art is exceeding the tag data allocation? Most album art files are 30K to 200K max. Not sure what to do. If I open iTunes ( I can see all of my album art. I have a folder.jpg file in each folder. Windows 7 has downsampled all of these to 200x200 which drives me insane but I digress. How did my tags get corrupted and how can I resolve as it appears this is some type of a parsing error as one program can read the data and other cannot.

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, running on new Dell 9000 with loads of RAM, fast HDs, and i7 920.

I will say thanks in advance to anyone who has ideas as to what is going on.

MP3Tag_Screenshots.pdf (180 KB)

It would help if you uploaded a sample file to a file hoster so we can see the exact problem.

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iTunes is the culprit. iTunes doesn't write a compatible id3v2.4 tag. In iTunes you can convert tags to v2.3 and get your info back but album art will be screwed, at least from my experience. I am experimenting with making my files read only right now.


How are you finding the read-only experiment? I am seriously considering it after losing 10GB of my 137GB collection. Read my post: /t/10541/1

Hair-raising stuff :flushed:

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Sorry mate I expected an email next time someone posted about and didn't get one. My experience with read only is perfect. So far no adverse effects other than having to turn off read only to edit the tags but, mp3tag will do this automatically I just have to remember to set it back.

It would be nice if I could somehow do this within mp3tag. Maybe I can I just haven't figured out how.