ID3v1 not removed

No matter how many times, I read and write the mp3. I am not able to remove ID3v1 tag from some mp3 in mac version.

I think this is a bug.


It’s not automatically removed when saving tags but via βŒ₯⌘⌫ or Edit > Remove Tag

If we remove tag, it will remove all the tags.

I copied the tags, removed tags and pasted it back

But this is inconvenient to work on large number of songs.

with the preferences set to remove ID3v1, we should be able to remove the tags in v1 and copy it over to v3. remove v1 completely.

Or give an option to remove only v1 tags.

If you set the options to delete nothing but V1 tags (and you don't write them afterwards again), then the function Cut tag will remove only the V1 tags.
This could be used for a lot of files and will leave all other tag versions in one piece (i.e. not remove them).
After you are done, set the option back to all the tags that you want to be able to remove.

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Thank you. It is an easy solution. It is not obvious.

It might be better to add submenu's to remove and cut -> ALL/V1/V2/APE.

This is just a suggestion.

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