iD3v1 tags not being removed

I have had MP3tag options set per attached screenshot for years, so that when saved the ID3v1 tags are removed. This has worked fine for ages. Recently however I have noticed it is no longer working - I am not sure which version this started from though. As you can see the ID3v1 tags remain even after I have made a change to a track and resaved it. Previously they just disappeared.
MP3Tag Options

Previous screenshot

Now screenshot

Has there been a change in this functionality recently?

Not that I know of.
The "Remove" part only is used if you cut or delete tags, not while saving.

I have deleted some tags and ID3v1 still do not disappear

Isn't that what you wanted - to remove the ID3v1 tags?

Having started my own thread with this theme (an initial search of the forum on the subject did not throw it up, unfortunately) I have exactly the same issue - even to the point of having shared an identical screen shot.

I also am sure that it used to work - and, yes - I want to remove ID3v1 tags. The question is:

What changed...
Why did it change...
Can it be put back again...

...after all, "removed" means removed?

Hi Mach109
The way to remove ID3v1 tags has certainly changed recently. I did manage to get rid of them by clicking the red X (2nd icon), but that is not what I did in the past when simply resaving the file with any tag change (not just deleting a tag) got rid of them (because of the options that had been set)

Can you please point out the Mp3tag version where it worked differently for you before?

Unfortunately, I can't be definite, but would hazard a guess with the changes that happened after 3.05 was upgraded? Sorry if that is of no real help...

See this thread
"Remove tags" doesn't remove? - Support - Mp3tag Community
from 2007 - so apparently that behaviour was the same in those days as it is now ...

Well, it has worked for me on the PC version up to relatively recently and still works on the Mac version?

I cannot reproduce it there either. Which version are you using on the Mac, what are your settings at Preferences → Tag Formats, and which tag formats do the files originally contain.


I apologise - I can't remove the ID3v1 tags on the Mac version [1.2.3.(51)] either having just done a test with both types of ID3 tagger. So, both versions do not remove the ID3v1 tags.

But I have done it in the past, and it is something that I do do on every mp3 file because it 'confuses' both of the players that I use to play files with. I only want ID3v2.3 tags on everything and currently have to check and remove the unwanted ID3v1 tags in another programme.

You can also remove them in Mp3tag: ensure that ID3v1 is checked at Remove and then simply remove the Tag via File → Remove Tag (Windows) or Edit → Remove Tag (Mac).

It only removes the tag types that are actually enabled for removal.

Thank you for clearing that up, Florian.

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