id3v1 to id3v2 conversion

Hi All

I have been converting my cd collection to mp3 over the years and have now corrected the names in itunes using something called tuneup companion. This was to initially replace track1, track2 etc with the correct names.

I then used mp3tag pro to change the physical files names on my c: drive to match those in itunes, so the 2 matched.

This works fine for 19 out of 20 cds, but for some reason mp3tag does not rename some track names on my c: drive directory to match the ones in itunes.

Upon investigation, I have found that some of my older cds were converted to mp3 using id3v1 format, so even though I have renamed them in itunes, the names are then ignored by mp3tag pro and are not copied to my :c drive.

I have now tried both mp3tag pro and also the newer stamp but bot ignore id3v1 names in itunes and only use the newer id3v2 names.

I would like to know if it is possible to convert id3v1 to id3v2 using mp3tag. Alternatively, is it possible to use id3v1 name information from itunes to change files names on my c: drive?

Thanks, rulolusa.

Welcome new user 'rulolusa'.
First to say ... this is the forum for the application Mp3tag, current version Mp3tag v2.51.
If you have trouble with other applications, then you should address your questions over there and ask the other specialists.

Read there about ID3 Tag-Types ...

The ID3v1 tag is the minimal level of tag quality, because of only few supported basic tag-fields and limited length of data and limited character representation within the tag-fields and the absence of storing cover images.

Mp3tag can read and write different Tag-Types ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, APE and others, depending on the file's type.

Mp3tag has a priority system when handling with different Tag-Types at once (APE > ID3v2 >ID3v1), that means APE dominates ID3v2, which dominates ID3v1.
Check the current Mpeg settings in the Mp3tag options dialog.

Mp3tag can read ID3v1 and write ID3v2.3 in one go, doing a 'pull up' of all ID3v1 data from lower level ID3v1 to ID3v2, only if there is no ID3v2 Tag-Type written yet.
Set options to read only ID3v1, write only ID3v2.3.

If there exists already an ID3v2 Tag-Type, and set to read, then the ID3v2 Tag-Type hides the data from the ID3v1 Tag-Type and cannot access them.

Try it out and feel free to come back on further questions.