ID3V2.3: UTF-16 vs ISO-8859-1


Can anyone give me a clear explanation on what the difference is between UTF-16 and ISO-8859-1 ? I know that UTF supports Unicode, and the ISO version is for devices or whatnot that don't support Unicode...but what exactly does that all mean ? From some reading around, it seems like ISO would be the most tolerant, so why isn't that the default rather then UTF-16 ? Are there specfic pros/cons to using each format ?

I have a music jukebox that I'm interested in using, and I've found that it won't read the tags in UTF-16 but does in ISO. Before I resave my entire collection in ISO, I would like to understand the implications, if any, in doing so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The simple difference is UTF-16 can hold more different characters than ISO-8859-1
ISO can save these 191 charcters
UTF-16 is an encoding for Unicode that can hold thousands of different chars. This is needed for tags in asian, russian or other languages.

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