ID3v2.4 Multi-Value Field Delimiters: Which one is best?

I realise there are no standards here - just liberty. But still, "what is the tune most birds are singing"?

For multi-value fields (e.g. genre), what is the de facto or best convention to follow? Though I am still absorbing all this, at this stage my best bet is that I will be using ID3v2.3 or possibly (still "less compatible", even after all these years) ID3v2.4. Any opinions on which one is best to go with, for compatibility?

Regarding multi-value fields, initially I got the impression that the best delimiter to use was the Nul character, whose escape sequence in Mp3tag is "\\".

Then (from browsing forum posts in several places) I came to understand that some people use or recommend ";" or "; " (comma-space). Others recommend (in tag editing apps/features that offer this capability) to put each value on its own line (at least as the app represents it - which I assumed (wrongly?) translated newline to Nul character (maybe it is an actual newline as delimiter?). Finally (for now), I found a certain bulk-tagging app offered by default only either ", " (coma-space) or " / " (space-slash-space).

At this point in my learning, I assumed the spaces were essential parts of these delimiters - now I'm not so sure. Are they?

The different levels of abstraction seem to be:
Interface > (Compound Single String Value) OR (Multi-Value Representation in ID3 Data Structure)
Where the latter can be Single-Field or Multi-Field (having the same field-name)

Phew: I have "fallen far down this rabbit hole" and currently I am accumulating knowledge of the creatures there, above and below ground, as well as what "Humpty Dumpty" has to say about them (his words meaning just what he chooses them to mean). I will start a separate thread on what I've found and accumulated from there so far.

Do you already know this thread:

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Very informative: I see that lots of testing already been done and conclusions drawn. Not sure yet if I will be using 2.3 or 2.4. I'm getting a gut feeling that I would benefit from not attempting to be on the (years-old) bleeding edge - so 2,3 then.

Again this will be very dependent on what your playback software can support. If you are only using one or two and they support 2.4, then you can go that route for your tracks. But many players are only supporting 2.3, so for the most compatibility that is the best suggestion. Ultimately your call, based on your specific environment.

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