ID3v2.4 tag Year not shown

mp3 files tagged with linux package eyeD3 do show the Year tag when shown in MP3TAG.
eyeD3 defaults to ID3v2.4 and can read the year tag on previously tagged files.

Should ID3v2.4 generally be avoided ?

The Topic title and your post are contradicting..

Please check with "View > Extended Tags" to see all tags of a file.
Maybe you can provide a sample file if the problem persists.

Depends on your personal use.
But it is not as well supported by soft- and hardware as ID3v2.3

Hi Dano, thank you for pointing me towards the Extended Tags. That provided the understanding needed to solve this issue.

To sum up: eyeD3 -Y "$DATE" sets the TDRL (Release Date) tag, whereas mp3tag (and others) look for year in the TDRC (Recording time) tag.

Changing my tagging script to include --set-text-frame=TDRC:"$DATE" solves my problem. :rolleyes:

Thank you for your help, and props to mp3tag for its rich feature set.

/Roadrunner :music: