ID3v2.4 tags are broken.

Hi there,

I've got a bunch of MP3 files for which Mp3tag can't read the ID3v2.4 tags. Mp3tag is reporting that they are broken... Unfortunately I've forgotten the exact error message.

However, Winamp can somehow read those broken ID3 tags.

Can someone tell me how to repair them?

(I'm a bit afraid of posting the whole MP3 on rapidshare. You know... music industry, lawyers and so on. :wink:
Maybe I could send it by email to anyone who is interested in this?)

Best regards from vienna :slight_smile:

Try Mp3 Diags it will repair many problems with Mp3 tags and headers.

You can download it here:

Click on Windows 32bit installer.

Thanks for your hint!

I tried the program, but unfortunately I seem not to have enough know knowledge to repair the files. The program seems to work fine (it reported a bunch of errors in those files), but I didn't know how to correct them.

I now „solved“ the problem by rewriting the tags using Winamp. I guess the files are still errornous, but at least I can work with them in Mp3tag.

The documentation for the program is very good so read through it if you have questions.

Make copies of your files and work on those for the repairs.

Each error has a corresponding fix. For example, if you get the error "Unsupported stream found" the fix is called "Remove unsupported streams." Apply one fix at a time.