ID3v2.4 vs. ID3v2.3

What are the main differences between ID3v2.4 UTF-8 and ID3v2.3 UTF-16?

Which one is "standard"? Which one is the most recent? Which one handle the most characters? Which one should I chose?

This should help a little

What ID3v2 tag to use?

Thanks for the link. It was 4-year old btw, so I still wondering:

Does scrobble now ID3v2.4 tags?
Do all players support now ID3v2.4 tags?
Do all new mp3 devices support ID3v2.4 tags?

and most important:
What standard support the most "foreign" characters?

I have Thai songs (with Thai Characters) in my iTunes library and I tag them with Mp3tag as
ID3v2.3 UTF-16 and they are read by iTunes and Foobar.
Don't know about the other Mplayers because I don't use them :wink:

iPod's don't read these characters but that's an Apple Issue and not an Mp3tag one. does not scrobble by itself so if your player is capable of reading ID3v2.4 tags then you'll get your tracks scrobbled.

Certainly not.

Both support characters from the whole Unicode (about 100k which is far enough :slight_smile:). It's just the matter of encoding.