ID3v2 padding in version 2.35m


I recently updated Mp3tag to the most recent development build and noticed that tagging mp3s was alot faster. I checked several files and found that it was no longer padding ID3v2 tags to 2048 bytes. I was wondering if this is a bug or if it in intentional. I can't find any mention of this change in behavior in the change log. I hope that it is a fluke because I would prefer my tags to have a standard amount of padding.

nooB question


Mp3tag uses 2048 bytes padding on new tags (and the size of the tag itself).


I tried copying the tags, removing them, and pasting them back. This worked so that the tag was padded. But, this is very annoying to me. It adds three extra steps that I wouldn't have had to do before. Why did you change this behavior between 2.35a and 2.35m?

My other question is, why is the tag now written with padding = 2048? It used to be 2048 = "size of tag" + padding. I thought the old way was perfect, even if it took slightly longer to tag the files the first time.


I don't see the problem here: if the new tag fits in the current tag size, no file rewrite is needed. If the new tag is bigger than the current tag size, 2048 bytes of padding are added.