Idea: Type in first letter, jump to first entry

So I love the feature when sorting by filename where I can type the first letter (or 2 or 3) of the file I'm looking for and the program will jump me to the first entry that matches that letter or those letters.

But I've noticed the feature doesn't translate when sorting by other fields like title, artist, year, album, etc. I would love it if it did :slight_smile:

I have missed your thread and created my own, but with not as much as the same notion, but with a question, if it is currently possible to do such things as you described: /t/19787/1

I would like to add another voice asking for this feature to be implemented as I wrote in my post (Using the column browser to scroll to highlighted item in GUI by typing the first characters of item you wish to find). I did not find this thread when I made that post.

Being able to jump to an item would be extremely helpful to those who are working with huge file sets.