Using the column browser to scroll to highlighted item in GUI by typing the first characters of item you wish to find


I am wondering if there is a way to use the column browser to move the highlighted item in the GUI. For example, if I want to get to Led Zeppelin under artist, I would just have the program sort by artist and then click on any item on the list. Then by typing the first letters:

L, e, d, SPACE, Z

the highlighted item in the GUI would move to the first entry under Zed Zeppelin, mimicking the behavior of Windows File Explorer and other file browsers. I find it odd that MP3Tag does not do this already. Perhaps it is some setting I am not using. If not, I can re-post this as a feature request.


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You can achieve more or less the same with the filter - yet it shortens the list by items that do not match the filter.

I would like you to keep in mind that you can set special sort criteria in the column definition e.g. that a leading "the" is ignored for sorting.
So, results could be surprising.

Ah, yes, the "Sort by" option when customizing the column browser. I did not think of how that could impact my findings, but it seems to work as I would expect. Still a very good point.

I do use and love the filter. I did not realize that I could use it in such a way; however, having to hit F3 to get in and out of it is a bit cumbersome. It would be great to just highlight and item and jump to it without having to hit F3. But it is much quicker than scrolling through my list, which at 85k+ is super unruly! However, sometimes when I hit F3 to get out of the filter the list just jumps to the top. I am not sure why it does this most of the times but others it does not.

Should I put in a request for being able to jump to an item without having to hit F3, or is this something that has be considered already, with Florian deciding it was not something he wanted to pursue?

The idea itself is not really new, see e.g. here:

or here

So yu may judge for yourself how far the implementation has gone.

Thanks for pointing out those threads. I have read them and will comment on the idea request. I always search before posting but did not find these. I must say they worded it more clearly than I.

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