Ideas on custom list values in latest update

Hi there,
I've been using the app for nearly 2-3 years now. It is easy to work with and meets my expectations. In the most recent update (v3.18), custom list values feature per field in the tag panel was introduced. I have been wanting that option from the beginning as many values in many columns are repetitve in the case of my data. Though I'm happy with this option now, here's what I would like to be incorporated as well :

  1. Presently, the list values show up only on empty fields. It would be great if it shows up when there is a value in the field too. Consistency is necassary in that case too.

  2. It would be nice to introduce a option to automatically use the distinct values in the column for the list values option. For eg. I am going to have only a few values for language tag in all my data. So, I would like to see in the dropdown list all the present distinct languages.

  3. It will be comfortable if autofill options are added for the fields in the tabular area as well. List for the autofill can be our custom list or the automatic list.

Veera Raagavan

The goal of this new feature was the compromise of introducing a multiple choice option for all fields and retaining the previous option of marking several files and displaying the values in the marked files and, if necessary, equating them.

If you give preference to multiple choice even for fields with content, you prevent the display of the values of the marked fields and their selection. Personally, I wouldn't want to do without this feature.

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I'm not sure if I am doing this correctly for composers, since I don't consistently get the same options when I choose a different folder. These are my settings. Do they look correct?
Screenshot composersmp3tag

Are there any other settings I need to be aware of?

What do you mean by "folder"?
Could you describe what you do so that you are in doubt about your workflow?

Sure, my albums are organized by artist folders. Let's suppose I want to correct tags by the artist Leonard Slatkin so that all the composer listings are consistent. I set up my composer pick list as per my prior post. However, not all the choices above show up when I got to change the composer tag. When I change to a different artist folder, I get the current choice but don't get the choices that appear on my pick list.

I think it doesn't depend on the folder but probably the fact that you already have values in the composer field. The custom list values won't work there. Instead just the present value is displayed. It works only when the field is empty. The reason was given by @poster above.

If you uncheck the bottom box "Prefer values from tags in list at Tag Panel" then only the custom values from the list you have defined should appear.

Does this work even when the field has values already?

Yes, but if the current value is not in your defined list, it won't show up. You can still manually type or paste any value at this point, whether it is on the list or not.

Thanks to everyone. Very helpful

Thanks. This solves my first query. I would like the development team to think over the rest two feature requests. It is just for time saving.