identifying aacplus songs

hello all,

I'd like to identify songs in aacplus format. extension is still .aac like regular aac files.

I tried the Codec column however it is confusing since some aacplus files are shown as "MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS" and others as "MPEG-2 AAC LC ADTS".


You could add/modify the value for a column so that it does not display "MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS" but as "AACplus":
$if($eql(%_tag_read%,'MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS'),AACplus,%_tag_read%)

You can try to change the column definition for the column "Codec".
To display both aacPlus versions with the same name "aacPlus" edit the field "Value" to ...

$regexp(%_codec%,'MPEG-2 AAC LC ADTS|MPEG-4 AAC LC ADTS','aacPlus')


It seems Mp3tag cannot identify aacplus files
AAC LC means normal aac file

:frowning: I this hard to implement? Should be a couple of IFs...