IDv1 tag difference between WinAmp and MP3Tag in Explorer

Simple test; a mp3 file with all tags deleted via mp3tag. Then in Winamp Alt+3, I add a V1 comment tag. In Windows Explorer (with the column Comment visible), I can see this v1 Comment tag in the detail filelist.
But when I add the same tag with mp3tag I can't see the tag in explorer! If I have a look with Winamp, the tag is there just the same as I added it with Winamp itself. What can be the difference then? Why is the Comment tag not shown in Explorer when it is added with MP3tag? Is it a v1.1 <> v1.0 difference? Who is using what version?

I just tested an in my case, Windows Explorer does show the comment I just added with Mp3tag. Are you writing ID3v1 tags only or maybe ID3v2.4 as well?

You're right, works here too, I was misled with the refresh.
If I edit the ID3v1 tag with Winamp and click Update to save the tag, I can see immediately the comment tag in Explorer, the refresh of this window goes automatic somehow.
If I change the ID3v1 tag with MP3tag and save, it looks like nothing happens, even after selecting the explorer window. Only if I hit F5 (refresh) then I can see the comment tag in Explorer too.
Although I think the first time I save a tag in mp3tag, the Explorer windows resfreshes automatic, but a second or more tries it don't work anymore, only F5 helps then. After a while (the time to write this message) it works again 1 time, strange!