If a record is not found in Tag-Source "Music Brainz" and the "Repeat" button is pressed, no new entry windows appears

Good Morning,
When you use the Tag-Source "Musicbrainz" to find Tag information for a record and the record is not found in the database a window appears to tell you so. Example: Artist: George Duke; Album: Is Love Enough?
The windows offers the options "Wiederholen" und "Abbrechen". If "Wiederholen" is selected, the same windows appears again. There is no possibility to enter corrected search criteria. This behaviour does not happen on searches in the discogs database. Here a window appears, to offer the user the possibility to correct the entered data.
As a workaround I press "Abbrechen" and then start the Musicbrainz search again. So, this is more an inconvenience, but I thought I tell you.
MPTAG-Version 3.21
Windows 10 Home H22H2

I'm getting the option to re-enter the information if "Wiederholen" is clicked, so I can't reproduce this for now.

Are you using a special user-contributed Tag Source for MusicBrainz? I'm also asking, because I get a 100% match on your example release (Edit: I've omitted the question mark from the search input, which apparently makes a difference).

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Thanks for your fast response.
No, I'm not using a user-contributed Tag Source, just the standard search.
After your response I tested a bit and it seems that the "?" at the end of the album title causes this. If I enter the "?" the described behaviour happend. If I drop the questionmark then the record is found.

In your initial post you've described

Can you still reproduce this in case no release is found?

Yes, I can reproduce this anytime. Just enter some bogus data in the search fields to ensure no record is found. Then this behaviour happens again.
At least on my installation.