If ARTIST are multiple in ALBUM, then ALBUMARTIST="Various"

Hi all,
I checked some topics on the forum but did not find a clear answer to my question.
I would like to automate the following:

If in same ALBUM, there is only 1 ARTIST, then ALBUMARTIST=ARTIST, if not ALBUMARTIST="Various Artists"

Any idea how to do that with Actions?

If I understand that correctly, then you want MP3tag to compare the field ALBUM and find out whether that is the same and then compare the data in all the ARTIST fields and see whether they are the same.
That does not work with MP3tag.
MP3tag can only compare the data of the fields of the current file.

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Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for, for a selected number of files.
Ok, I guess that I will have to do it manually then.

Thank you for your very quick reply, appreciated.

It is slightly more complicated, but the task can be solved with export/import actions. With the export, you can find, calculate and memorize (during the export) many things, using functions.

Or you select the files, see that ARTIST switches to "<keep>" which means that there is more than 1 name so you enter "Various" in ALBUMARTIST and save the modification.

I still have problems with the general approach: there are so many collaborations of artists where more than just the ALBUMARTIST appears as ARTIST - but this still would not qualify to be called a compilation with "Various Artists". It is just an album, issued by one artist who features some of his colleagues.
So you have to check each album anyway. And then the manual way would be the fastest as you do not have to export/import data.

In addition, there is a large number of compilations by artists who have published under different band names or were members of different bands during their creative period. Since these later compilations were published under one artist name as album artist, one would hardly use the many different artist names of the earlier original publication as a reason for an album artist "Various Artists".
For me the album artist is primarily the name under which artist name an album was released.

Just as an example:

A different approach:
If your compilations have their own folder you could create an action that looks for the folder name in the path, e.g. \compilations\ and set ALBUMARTIST accordingly. Perhaps also use an $if2 to avoid overwriting if you have special cases, like "Bob Dylan" as ALBUMARTIST on a tribute to him.

Thank you all for your replies.
I ended up doing the following:

  1. Moved all my "various artists" into 2 separate folders "Compilations" and "Soundtracks"
  2. In Mp3tag, I select these 2 albums and tag them all together

So it is not automated the way I wanted but it is not so problematic.