if? command?

I want to copy my sort composer tags to the composer tag:

Action type: Format value
Format string: %composersort%

but I only want to copy across names that do not have commas in them (i.e single surnames, no christian names or multiple composers)



not and tags such as

hansen, paul
apple, bob
ghost, mr

Is there such a thing as an "If" command I can insert?

Many Thanks

Steve 45

This one should do the job (please test):

Action type: Format value
Format string: $ifgreater(strchr(%COMPOSERSORT%,','),0,%COMPOSER%,%COMPOSERSORT%)

Functions are described in the help topic on Scripting.


To get an overview what tracks will be involved in your action, you can apply a Filter expression at first:

"$ifgreater($strchr(%COMPOSERSORT%,','),0,1,0)" IS 1


Many thanks to you both. Am about to try. Somehow after installing an update to iTunes, around 10,000 tracks lost their composer tags, still got the sort composer tags, but they are in a different format! I had just bought a backup harddrive a couple of days before and was just tidying up before backing up to it! Sods law I think...

Steve 45