If/Then Action?

Is it possible to define an Action that would:

  1. Scan for a keyword in the "Artist" tag field
  2. IF the keyword is NOT found, then no action is taken
  3. IF the keyword IS found, then the "Genre" tag field should be updated to a defined value

Practical Example:

  1. Field: "_ALL"
  2. Original: "Disney"
  3. Update Genre to "Kids"


You could perform an action like
"Format value" for GENRE
Format string: $ifgreater($strstr(%_ALL%,'Disney'),0,'Kids',)

But I doubt that _ALL is available for this kind of function.

I would filter for such a term and then set the genre via the tag panel.

Or: if you know where the information could be hidden (e.g. artist, title, album) then use a format string like this:
Format string: $ifgreater($strstr(%artist%%album%%title%,'Disney'),0,'Kids',)