If title is... is correct format?

please help me is this correct?

Format Value
field: Title
$if(%title% IS "qwert",%artist%,%album%)

Does it work?

If not try:"$if($eql(%title%,'qwert'),%artist%,%album%)"

thanks but "qwert" is only part of all title string!
for example title is: "asdfgqwertdgd dfkgld"

The original post said "is".


Note: Do not mix Filter syntax with Formatstring syntax.
Try this formatstring ...

TITLE <== $if($neql($strstr(%TITLE%,'qwert'),0),%ARTIST%,%ALBUM%) ... or ... TITLE <== $if($eql($strstr(%TITLE%,'qwert'),0),%ALBUM%,%ARTIST%) ... or ... TITLE <== $ifgreater($strstr(%TITLE%,'qwert'),0,%ARTIST%,%ALBUM%)

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