$if2 statement at converter Filename to Tag


I'm just wanting some clarification with an $if2 statement.

/%dummy%/%dummy%/%dummy%/%CONTENTGROUP%/%dummy%_%dummy% - %artist%/$if2(%dummy%_%TITLE%_%DUMMY%,%TITLE%_%DUMMY%)

Filename 1: ES_Colliding_PN
Filename 2: Amsterdam_PN

I don't think I have the statement inputted correctly, as no tags are being written.

Scripting functions are not supported when importing tags from filename. The idea however is interesting, but I think it would make the format strings and the pattern matching involved quite complex.

Applying the format string at "Filename - Tag" is already a pattern matching problem and each conditional in the format string would branch to another pattern matching alternative.

Regarding a possible solution to what you're trying to achieve: you could import the last component of the filename to the TITLE field and use regular expressions to extract the part you want to keep.

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