Ignoring "the" in the artist field

I've searched this forum for a solution to ignore the article "the" before a band name. I know it could be placed after the name i.e. Animals, The. That to me looks awkward, and not the same as placing last name first. Other than lopping off the article "the" form the band name, is there a way for the program to ignore "the". I've seen other programs (Media Monkey) sort band names with no regard for "the". This would seem to be a "cleaner" way to display a band name.

Also, I've tried doing the last name first, and it works fine. Isn't there a way to sort an artist by their last name, but leave the name as one would say it. If there was a way to select a keyword in a band or artist name at a global level, this could eliminate a lot of sorting issues.

All these things bother me especially when the filename is created from the tags. Backwards names with commas just look dumb and you'd never say it like that. I don't need any flames, if there's a solution, great. If not, I'll just deal with it.

Use "ALBUMARTISTSORTORDER" or "ARTISTSORTORDER" for "Beach Boys" or "Beach Boys, The" and use "ALBUM ARTIST" or "ARTIST" for "The Beach Boys". You can then sort by the sort order tag, and display the "ARTIST" tag in your playlist. Btw, we generally never flame in here, so don't be so defensive. It's a forum to provide help and information. You asked for help, and hopefully, I did. Other members in here may also provide an even better solution.

I looked into what you advised and I'm confused. I don't have ARTISTSORTORDER in my drop down list. Anyway, I was playing around with some other "new" features I discovered on this forum, and I'm afraid I am getting over my head with some of these custom commands. In my quest to simplify things, I'm making them more complicated.

If it is not there, then create it. Just type it in the field box, add the name in the value box, click on OK and it will be added to the list. Again, it depends on the player that you use. So, if you use foobar2000, you can use almost any tag name that you want. If you use iTunes as your player, you may have to use "BANDSORTORDER" instead of "ALBUMARTISTSORTORDER" and "PERFORMERSORTORDER" instead of "ARTISTSORTORDER". You really need to tag according to what your music player recognizes.