Illegal character on media player

I'm using Asus o!PLAY media player and I noticed that after renaming or anything done with mp3 file with any version of application mp3 tag is not shown correctly anymore. In ID3Tag screen (on media player) some strange Chinese symbols are shown.

When I change ID3Tag in properties of file manually in Windows (Properties>Details) ID3Tag shown correctly.
I tried to change code page and similar but without success.

I guess is has to do with id3v2 version.
Note first which id3v2 version is currently selected. There are 3 available: v2.4 UTF-8, v2.3 UTF-16 and v2.3 ISO-8859-1.
Switch to another id3v2 version and save.
Save your "incorrect character" tracks so they are converted to the new version.
One of the 3 options should work.

Thanks, I've changed to v2.3 ISO-8859-1 and works, no more incorrect characters .