Illegal Chars Removal

Hiya Everyone

Can someone please tell me how to use


In the title field



from the documentation:

$validate(x,y) returns the given file name/path x with all invalid characters /?*"<>|: replaced by the string y.

The main application is to use it with filenames and paths.
I do not think that there are actually any illegal characters

To use $validate() with the data in TITLE: $validate(%title%)
You can apply that function in every action that requires a format string.

thank you for that can I use $validate(%title%) on it's own in tag-tag

dont understand in a format string

thank you

If you have a look at the Tag-Tag-function, then you will see that you are requested to enter a "format string".

yes, and do I just add $validate(%title%)

sorry for being naïve

as when I enter $validate(%title%) in the format string it strips out all of the title

Please try:

Perfect thank you so much for all your help

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