I'm going nuts: compilations on local and nas

Hello :slight_smile:

Could someone please help with the problem as described here with illustration:


I am trying to get WMP12 to display a compilation (ie with 10 songs) on my nas as one album instead of 10 different albums of one song.

Tried lots of things in MP3tag and googled but no go :frowning:

Is this impossible or am i overlooking something?

Thx in advance

the trick is to define a dummy album artist (tag %band%) like "Various artists" or "Sampler Bravo Hits" or the like.
THe real artist then should be stored in the tag %artist%

Are you sure? I thought i did that. Please look at my attachment.

(Perhaps your tip does not work on a nas device?))

So far the example looks alright - I take it that all "VA" bands are spelt the same ...
I do not know when you applied the "VA" band - sometimes WMP takes an awful time until it has reread alterations. If WMP thinks teh file has not been modified it will not update the database until it has played the track.
All alterations will only be considered if your NAS folder is one that WMP should watch - but you probably know that and have acted accordingly.

Thanks again for your help. Will check my WMP setup tonight to make sure nothing is overlooked.

I feel quit ashamed, but the above tip did the trick :astonished:

I thought I tested this already and W7 did not accept my nas as media folder. Perhaps this changed with the final W7, but I never tested it afterwards.

Thanks, me happy :slight_smile: