I'm Stumped

I've used MP3 for a long time...great program (even donated once or twice). Never, ever a problem...till now.

I just started using Windows 7, downloaded the exe, set it up and expected, as normal to open the program, select a folder and go to work. My music files are on a newly created partition on this hard drive.
They play just fine with Media Monkey.
I tried opening up to a sample file provided by Win7 right on my main drive....same results.

Clearly, something is wrong with this picture (probably ME :astonished: ). Any help would be humbly
and gratefully received!

For some reason, I miss the description of the problem. So I have to guess:
You either cannot start MP3tag or are not able to save modifications.
Check the access rights and ownership of the music files and also make sure that MP3tag is accessible for all users on your PC.
If you have a migrated music collection from an XP system, it is rather likely that the access rights do not match.
See for instance this Microsoft article on access rights: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753659.aspx

Thank you for the quick response. My apologies for the vagueness of the problem (It's been a 72-hr nightmare with Windows 7...LOL!).

I solved the problem. I honestly don't know how I did it. I just kept poking around at various setting and I hit the "Select Folder" button on a whim (it had never done anything prior to this) and BAM!!!
I'm looking at the MP3Tag listings I so dearly love.


In Tools>Options>Folders you can set if you want to start with MP3tag opening a specific folder.
If you leave that empty, it is usually the last folder you used in which MP3tag starts - as long as that folder exists.