Image cover batch Action

Hello, everyone!

I have a folder with Mp3s
I need to set the image cover to each Mp3 file

I need to do this in a batch way because the Mp3 files are too many

I try using a quick action but I get a message that the file can not be accessed.

I am using the latest version of the program 2.82

The Mp3s and the Jpeg files all have the same name
Both folders are in the same folder = mix = Mp3s, Jpegs

Please take a look at the attached Screenshot

Thanks for the help.

I think this is fairly straightforward: if a file cannot be found then there is no file with such a name.
You now have to compare the filenames and see where the differences are.

Hey ohrenkino, thank you for the help.

I recheck the files names and YES, the Jpg files had an ( -) dash extra in the name, now the action works very well.

Thanks again.