Image displayed in windows 7 but not in MP3TAG


Do you know why the some MP3 images are displayed by Windows 7 and not by MP3Tag ?
(sample attached).


Please show us the sample, I think you forgot to attach it.

Sorry, the file is too large (more than 200k)!

Use a program like irfanview to resize it.
Download here:
Or use the Win7 Snipping Tool

But coming back to your original question.
I am running Win7 Ultimate x64 and I see the same picture's in Explorer as I am seeing in Mp3tag.

Capture 1 is from Explorer:

Capture 2 is from Mp3tag

Do the tags show in Win7 ?
Do you have a folder.jpg in the folders with the Music Files ?

Informed by your answer, I practiced some tests.

The problem isn't of MP3Tag software. In fact, the image isn't in MP3 file.
But Windows 7 shows that if it was.

In my directory there are other mp3 files, a folder.jpg, files AlbumArt_xxx.jpg.

I copied all the files in another directory

'02 Superstar.mp3' image disappeared

Windows 7 display is very curious!

Ive noticed that also but it might be your mp3's files integrity that isint the best, so I run this little tool and it works a treat.

BTW under preferences say 'Delete backup files'