Image folder and Albumartsmall reappearing in the music folders


I have added image covers to my mp3 songs and I have a slight problem. In my music folders, I find .jpg files that correspond to the covers of my songs called "folder" or "Albumartsmall". I am in dual-boot ubuntu and these files appear in my music folders. Every time I make a modification on a music, the music cover reappears under these different names.

Having asked for help on an ubuntu forum, it was hypothesized that Mp3tag does not add the image cover directly into the mp3 file, but creates a "database" containing the images or by placing the images "next to" the music files.

Is it possible to make Mp3tag embed the image covers directly into the music file so that it doesn't have to create multiple covers next to each other please? Or at least make it remove these images automatically? I will be grateful



The internal database (that you have to switch on explicidly in File>Options>Library) has nothing to do with the files that you found.
The only images that Mp3tag may possibly save in the filesystem come from the web sources and only if you have ticked the option to save the images to the filesystem.
Then the name is taken from File>Options>Tag-Sources.
But: MP3tag would create only a single file, so either a file with a fixed name (default: folder) or with one from the format string. MP3tag would NOT create 2 files as you observed:

These files are usually created by the Windows Media player.

Hello, thank you for your answer,

If the problem comes from Windows media player, I will try to deactivate it (it cannot be removed). I will come back to you to tell you if it worked.

I think that the WMP only creates the images when it reads the files.
So a different player would avoid this problem.


The problem is solved! Excess images are no longer displayed.

Thank you for your help. The topic can be closed.

Would you mind to tell us what the solution was in your environment?

Yes. Actually, the problem is not with Mp3tag. It comes from Windows Media Player. From Windows 11, you have to go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Manage optional features. From there, you have to uninstall (Windows 11) or disable (Windows 10) Windows media player. As soon as it is done, the modification of the titles does not make the images appear anymore.

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