images export to html

Hello everyone. I'm new to MP3TAG and just love it.
I am trying to organize my old 78rpm records.
I already have most of the information at hand. Mp3s, images of the labels, artist, date, composers etc.
I have updated tags with mp3tag with all this detail.
MP3tag automatically finds some images from the net.
I have managed to extract these to a file using Action export cover to file and also import cover from file.
I have 1800 records and to do each one manually is too time consuming.
Can I batch import from a folder.? The names of the jpg files are the same as the title of the songs.

I am also playing with EXPORT to html and have used several mte files. Most don't work, the tracks you click are not the tracks in the filename etc. I have found one that works well, html_squonk.mte.
But it does not contain cover art .

I need an Export mte file that will create albums(Date), individual playable links to an mp3 file, Title, date, comments, size and an image of each record.


There is an action type to import cover art.
So proceed as follwos:
Load all the files into mp3tag
Select the files.
Create a (quick) action of the type "Import Cover"
Specify in this action the path plus the filename
Let it run.

If you want to export covers then there is also an action type for that.
For the HTML-solution you would have to export the covers and then create an export mask that packs the appropriate HTML-Statements into a text file and links to the related pictures. The pictures themselves do not get exported in this step.