Import Album Cover only via Tag Sources?


I use Version 1.4.0 (55) on my mac and am wondering about the same issue like the thread starter.
Right-clicking the cover in Mp3Tag doesn´t offer me above mentioned Discogs-searches.

So I tried it with the internet-tag-sources - but I can´t seem to be able to import the cover without overwriting my existing tags also..
Did I overlook something? or is there a workaround?
Thanks for any help,

You can use any of the Tag Sources (Discogs or MusicBrainz) and disable the different textual fields by clicking on one of the field checkboxes while holding the Option key down. This unchecks all fields at once so that only the checkbox for cover is still enabled.

Using Merge (instead of Save) will merge the new cover with the existing metadata in your files.

Hey Florian,

thanks so much - I have the German version, so it wasn´t quite clear to me, that "zusammenfassen" means "merge" :slight_smile:
this makes, of course, a lot of sense and is pretty obvious..

Is there any way to change the language of the software? Couldn´t find it in the preferences.

Starting with macOS Monterey, this is possible via System Preferences → Language & Region → Apps tab. You can select there and then select the preferred language.

Great it worked!
Cheers for the super quick support, much appreciated!!

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