Import any image in [album] folder and apply as album art for multiple albums

OK, i think the title said it all, but here's what i want to be able to automate (have googled, and checked this forum, but nothing that helps / i can understand):

Select multiple albums from multiple artists
Have MP3tag add any image found in each album folder to that album

I thought so, too.

If anyone knows how to do this, please explain it very clearly and imagine i don't know anything about MP3tag :wink:

Win7 x86
MP3tag 2.45a

BTW: Hi, i'm new. Loving MP3tag, saves me a hell of a lot of time.

This function is already there as an action "Import albumart" (Converter: Action: New Action: Import Albumart)
BUT: as you can enter only a single string you have to have albumart files which have the same name.
So you first have to rename all picture files to the same name - folder.jpg would be a good idea as you then save the bother of creating one of these for WMP.

BTW: import ANY is rather dangerous if you have more than one picture file in the folder. Which one is MP3Tag supposed to take? The oldest? The latest? The biggest? Alphatical sort order?

So: as nearly always: you have to do a little thinking yourself like eg. create a list of all files
(e.g. by creating a batch job:
open command shell in the root directory of your music collection.
type in the command
dir /s *.jpg > ff.txt
this creates a text file called ff.txt and collects the output of the dir /s command.
You may then use this text file to create a batch routine that renames all jpgs to folder.jpg.
But I think this only worth it if you have loads of files. Otherwise writing the batch job will take longer than renaming the files in an Explorer search list.)


I have the same problem as the thread starter. All of my covers are stored in the album folder with the name <album.jpg>. Is there any way to automate the "import cover" command to search for jpgs named after the album field in the mp3 file's tag?

if you have the same problem, then the same answer applies to you: no, there is no way to have variable albumart names. You have to rename them first.

If the image name is the same as the album tag you can use %album%.jpg as import string.

Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW, congratulations for the software.

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Hi mp3consumer
As dano already wrote, I'd work with string imports as well...

I use "%artist% - %album% - Front.jpg" and as also takes this naming standard, I suggest it even more.

Have fun,

Is there a way to use the import cover art action to get the files from an internet source?

No, you must use the menu "Tag sources".

At last - I've stumbled upon this solution!

I've got a massive music collection, all well ordered & strucured (thanks mainly to the brilliant mp3tag).

I've always kept mp3s without embedded album art, with the appropriate folder.jpg in each directory. I'm finally giving in and thinking that it would be easier to have the art embedded in the MP3s themselves. Had been scratching my head for ages about how to do it - until I finally came across this and realised that mp3tag could do it all along!

This is the best tool!

you can load many folders

each folder has his songs and the albumart

and then make an action

put the name of the acction

then New-->Import Cover From File-->

Format String for image file = *.jpg (Will import the first photo it finds with the extention jpg)

Import Cover As: = Front Cover