Import audio tags


Feature Request:

I have a bunch of wma files that have do not have the proper audio tags. I know what I want them to be (Album, Artist, Title) but I do not have an easy way to set the tags.

I would like to find a way to import the tags. A couple of options:

  1. command line interface (I coud run a batch file with all of the parameters for each file)
  2. import option that would read a file containing the information (file name and the audio tags to set in that file). Multiple entries should be supported to process multiple files with a single import operation.



Hello BugByteMan!

A command line interface is not planned (please have a look at the Roadmap for a list of planned/not planned features).

But you can use the converter Taglist-File - Tag which imports tags for multiple files (one line in the taglist-file contains all the tag-data for one audio file).

Best regards,
~ Florian


This worked - now some suggestions:

  1. My files are already in a folder structure, so I am not able to select them in order to process them. Can this be improved to use the filename in the file (relative paths from the cwd) regardless of the selection?

  2. Some of my files are named .wmv (even though they are not video). I would rather not rename them to make the program work. Is it a possibility to process wmv files only contain audio?

  3. A batch mode would be nice for this feature (command line parameter to invoke the "Taglist-File Tag" operation and then exit).

Keep up the good work!


You can use %_path% for matching an entry from the taglist-file to the corresponding selected file in Mp3tag's file view.

Sorry, but this is not planned.

As I've stated in the Roadmap, Mp3tag won't have a command line interface.

Best regards,
~ Florian