Import both Front Cover & Artist Cover with actions

Currently I can integrate the front cover through actions, but I want to know if the same way I could integrate "the artist cover" with the right label ? (or maybe both just in one action with the right labels & order (1st Front & 2nd Artist)

My files are organized in this way:

Folder: Artist Name
-> Folder.jpg (cover artist)
-> %ArtistName%. jpg (cover artist(the same as Folder.jpg))
-> Folder: 1st Album
----> Cover.jpg (front cover)
----> Tracks.mp3
-> Folder: 2nd Album
----> Cover.jpg (front cover)
----> Tracks.mp3

For the albums already tagged my first cover is the artist one and the front cover is the second.
Is there any way to ensure that the front cover goes first (swap positions) ?

Thank you for the help.
Have a good day.


No, all covers become "front" when imported.